Coremo Clutch-Brake Combination Type OC

Brand: Coremo
Code: I.T. 051115 OC

Coremo Clutch-Brake Combination Type OC

  • Braking Torque: 28 to 18.000 Nm.
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Coremo Clutch-Brake Combination Type OC

Designed to combine into one single group. The Clutch-Brake Combination is an ideal solution for start-stop functions.

The braking function is spring applied; the sliding movement of one single disc avoids overlapping. These groups are available also in versions single brake or single clutch.

Standard Sizes:

  • 25 OC to 1200 OC.

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Product Combined Clutch-Brake
Brand Coremo
Industry Applications Metal Forming, Automation, Stamping Equipment, General Power Transmission Applications...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Actuation Type Passive
Compares With Desch, Ortlinghaus
Clutch Type Clutch/Brake
Friction Material Organic
Inertia From 0,02 to 9,50 Kgm²
Max. RPM 2700
Number Of Springs From 18 to 20
Torque Rating Dynamic torque: CLUTCH from 230 to 13000Nm at 5.5 bar. BRAKE from 160 to 8600 Nm at 5.5 bar.
Weight Range From 8,4 to 284 kg
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