Eaton Airflex Combination Clutch-Brake - DCB

Brand: Eaton Airflex
Code: 21DCB

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eaton Airflex combined clutch/brakes. Available in four different packages that span a range of features and sizes. Engineered for various speeds, engagements, and cycle types.

Airflex DCB units are specifically engineered for high-speed, continuous running machinery in the can-making industry. Designed to withstand the cyclic impact loads associated with high speed can extruding machinery.

  • Clutch torque: 8,475 Nm
  • Brake torque: 6,215 Nm
  • Sizes: 21DCB, 29DCB
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Eaton Airflex DCB Bodymaker Clutch-Brake

Eaton Airflex combination clutch-brakes give systems the stopping power they need to operate safely and efficiently. Designed for demanding applications that require high torque and horsepower absorption as well as precise controllability. 

DCB elements incorporate an air-actuated disc clutch and spring-applied disc brake. Specifically designed for can making body makers. The combined structure of these components provide all the capacity and stopping power required to execute extremely fast stops.

Product Specific Information

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Product Combined Clutch-Brake
Brand Eaton Airflex
Industry Applications can making, body-makers
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Desch, Ortlinghaus
Clutch Type Clutch/Brake
Max. RPM 1000
Max. Working Pressure 85 psi
Brake Torque 6215 Nm
Clutch Torque 8475 Nm
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