Goizper Pneumatic Combined Wet Clutch-Brake - 5.W Series

Brand: Goizper
Code: 5.W Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Goizper pneumatic combination clutch-brakes. Available in various models and sizes that cover a wide range of torques.

Goizper 5.W is a multi-disc oil-pneumatic clutch-brake. Activated pneumatically and oil-cooled. Manufactured to provide a high frequency of engagements with minimal maintenance.

  • Clutch torque: 1460 - 41,200 Nm
  • Brake torque: 3270 - 89,200 Nm
  • Max. Pressure: 5.5 bar
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Goizper Oil-Pneumatic Multi-Disc Wet Clutch-Brake - 5.W Series

Goizper 5.W series is a combination of the pneumatic clutch and hydraulic clutch. The activation of the pneumatic clutch along with the cooling capacity of a hydraulic clutch results in high-frequency operations with minimal maintenance required.

The cooling element depends on the energy dissipation required by the application.

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Product Combined Clutch-Brake
Brand Goizper
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Pressure 5.5 bar
Brake Torque 3270 - 89,200 Nm
Clutch Torque 1460 - 41,200 Nm
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