Eide Bi-stable Brake FZB

Brand: Eide
Code: FZB Type

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. offer a wide range of industrial brakes suitable for all type of industrial applications. Eide manufacture brakes to suit the customer's requirements.

Eide FZB electromagnetic brake is a unique design purposefully built to save as much energy as possible. Its main applications are directed at industries whereby minimizing power consumption is critical, such as in battery-powered systems.


  • Robotics
  • Wheelchairs
  • Fork-lift truck
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Electric golf trolleys
  • AGV vehicles
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Eide Bi-stable Brake FZB

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Product Brake
Brand Eide
Industry Applications Robotics, Wheelchairs, Fork-lift truck, Aerospace, Electric golf trolleys, AGV vehicles
Actuation Method Electric
Brake Type Magnetic Particle