Goizper Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Brake - 4.53 Series

Brand: Goizper
Code: Goizper 4.53 Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Goizper electromagnetic multi-disc brakes. A small package that covers a wide range of torques.

Goizper 4.53 model protects your components from damaging loads. The electromagnetic multi-disc brake offers fast response times, precise operations, and low wear rates. 

  • Torque: 20 - 450 Nm
  • Power: 20 - 60 W
  • Voltage: 24 V (others available upon request)
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Goizper Electromagnetic Multi-Disc Brake - 4.53 Series

Goizper 4.53 is an electromagnetic multi-disc brake. Designed to operate in a lubricated or dry medium, similar to the 4.50 series. The coil feeding creates a magnetic field to attract the disc. The disc catches the set of interior and exterior plates, generating a braking force for the shaft on which the core is mounted. Due to the design, the magnetic field produced by the coil does not pass through the plates, enabling the brake to provide rapid reaction times. 

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Product Brake
Brand Goizper
Actuation Method Electric
Brake Type Multiple Disc
Max. RPM 6000
Torque Rating 20 - 450 Nm
Voltage 24V