Goizper Electromagnetic Mono-Disc Brake - 4.62, 4.63 & 4.64 Series

Brand: Goizper
Code: 4.62, 4.63 & 4.64

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Goizper electromagnetic mono-disc brakes. The single-disc brakes improve response times and extend the working life of machines.

Goizper 4.62, 4.63 & 4.64 are electromagnetic single-disc brakes. The special construction can be applied to various applications, such as wrapping machines, printing machines, and computers.

  • Torque: 2 - 480 Nm
  • Power: 8 - 60 W
  • Voltage: 24V
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Goizper Electromagnetic Mono-Disc Brake - 4.62, 4.63 & 4.64 Series

Goizper 4.62, 4.63 & 4.64 models have been manufactured with a coil body and rotor mounted on the bearing. Enabling a much easier installation on your machine. As well as the bending spring, the armature is equipped with a core to fit on the shaft for faster clutching and braking.

The self-adjusting brakes operate within broad limits and the torque does not vary once the first adjustment wear is complete. The brake is free from backlash and the release springs ensure zero residual torque. 

Electromagnetic mono-disc brakes are suitable for dry-running operations. The friction discs must be protected against all oil or grease projection. As the friction in braking also takes place between metal parts, it is normal that grooves and scratching occur with time.

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Product Brake
Brand Goizper
Industry Applications Wrapping machines, printing machines and computers
Actuation Method Electric
Torque Rating 2 - 480 Nm
Voltage 24V