Sibre Electrohydraulic Thruster Type EB (ELHY)

Brand: Sibre
Code: ICP-927


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Thruster Repairs

ICP can repair, test and certify Electrohydraulic Brake Thrusters.

Sometimes a new thruster which meets your exact requirements is not available straight away which means waiting for the new thruster to be manufactured and shipped which could take a long time. Long lead times can be very expensive in equipment "down time" therefore the thruster repair service looks attractive. We currently have thruster repair kits available from stock, and we aim to turn the repairs around within 1 week.

The thruster repair consists of strip-down, cleaning of all parts, check & test of motor windings (re-wind if necessary), replacement of all bearings, seals, gaskets, repainting in original factory colour, oil fill, 2 hour load / temperature test, and certification.

The thruster repairs are all done by experts in the field, with many years’ experience in such repairs for the Aluminium and Steel Industry. We can do all this for half the cost of a new Eldro thruster unit, subject to the original being in serviceable condition.

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Brand Sibre
Actuation Method Electro Hydraulic
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