Sibre Imperial Drum Brake TMB

Brand: Sibre
Code: Sibre Drum Brake TMB

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Sibre electrohydraulic drum brakes. Developed using state of the art industrial brake technology according to DIN 15435.

Sibre TMB units are spring applied, solenoid released drum brakes. Used in both underground and above ground applications, as well as in wind turbine plants. It is a versatile drum brake, ideal for general industrial applications such as steelworks, material handling, cranes and conveyors.

  • Torque range: 40 - 2200 Nm @ 100% duty cycle
  • Torque range: 170 - 6300 Nm @ 25% duty cycle
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Sibre Imperial Drum Brake TMB

Sibre drum brakes generate constant brake torques for general industrial applications. Developed using state of the art industrial brake technology according to DIN 15435.

Sibre TMB units are manufactured for dust-laden or high vibration situations. The solid brake arms and base plate design results in low deflection for maximum efficiency and performance operations. The aluminum brake shoes with steel bushes and asbestos-free linings (riveted and/or bonded) provide reliable and long-lasting performance.

An optional auto wear compensator (AWC) device is used to compensate for the wear of brake linings. With the correct adjustment, the wear compensator will maintain an almost constant reserve stroke and offer a long life service for the drum brake.


  • Optimizes lever geometry for maximum braking forces.
  • Brake shoe clamping springs.
  • Stainless pivot pins with bronze bushes.
  • Lever synchronization linkage - unique feature eliminates the need to adjust shoe air gap.

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Product Brake
Brand Sibre
Industry Applications Steel Works, Material Handling, Cranes, Conveyors, Wind Turbine Plants
Brake Type Drum
Compares With Pintsch Bubenzer
Friction Material Organic
Torque Rating 40 - 2200 Nm @ 100% Duty Cycle