ICP HAB-6-120 Hydraulic Yaw Brake

Brand: ICP
Code: AB0022

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufactures an extensive range of wind turbine braking systems. Many ICP brakes interchange with major manufacturers in the wind energy market. 

ICP HAB-6-120 is a hydraulic yaw brake, specifically designed for wind turbine yaw systems. ICP sets the industry standard for low noise, safe and reliable braking. Used worldwide by the majority of wind power plant manufacturers.

  • Braking Force: 434,000 N
  • Brake Type: Hydraulic, Caliper, Yaw
  • Interchangeability: Svendborg BSAB 120
  • Main Industries: Wind, Oil & Gas, Mining
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ICP HAB-6-120 Hydraulic Yaw Brake Replaces Svendborg BSAB 120

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. has produced an extensive range of lightweight, noise-free braking systems suitable for the majority of wind power plant manufacturers. ICP yaw & rotor brakes have been designed for braking and gliding processes in wind turbines.

ICP HAB-6-120 is an active brake caliper, manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to avoid oil leakage and expensive machine modifications. Designed to control, stop and hold the rotating nacelle in position once the rotors have been turned to face into the wind.

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Product Brake
Brand ICP
Brake Type Caliper
Compares With Antec, Svendborg
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Industry Applications Oil & Gas, Mining, Wind Energy
Friction Coefficient 0.40
Piston Area 11,310 mm2
Total Piston Area 33,930 mm2
Brake Disc Thickness 20 - 50 mm
Pressure Connection Port 1/4" BSP
Pad Area 55,617 mm2
Max. Braking Force 434,000 N
Max. Wear Of Pad (Organic) 9 mm
Max. Working Pressure 18 Mpa
Operating Pressure 16 Mpa