Sibre Storm Brakes RPS

Brand: Sibre
Code: Sibre RPS

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a range of railway and rail mounted equipment products which ensure safety in the event of high winds or storms. Sibre storm brakes prevent runaway in a storm or in case of power failure.

Sibre RPS is a storm protection brake. The spring-applied, hydraulically released, static brake is manufactured with a hardened steel shoe to transfer the push-down force into a railhead crane in case of an emergency or power failure. The brake is released by a hydraulic power unit.

  • Braking force: 100 - 400 kN
  • Pressure: 150 - 205 bar
  • Temp range: -15°C to +40°C
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Sibre Storm Brakes RPS

Sibre storm brakes are built for rail-mounted cranes to prevent runaway in a storm or power failure. Storm brakes protect crucial crane components from testing conditions and external forces. 

RPS storm brakes are spring-applied, hydraulically released, static brakes. Built with a hardened steel shoe to transfer a braking force onto crane rail-heads. The high-quality design maximizes performance through efficiency and serviceability for ultimate safety. 

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Product Brake
Brand Sibre
Industry Applications Rail Mounted Cranes
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Brake Type Spring Applied
Braking Force 100 - 400 kN
Operating Pressure 150 - 205 bar