Coremo Mechanical Caliper Brake MPA-M

Brand: Coremo
Code: I.T. 070618 MPA-M

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Coremo mechanical caliper brakes. Available in various sizes, designed to obtain a range of torques varying from 2880 - 39,800 N.

Coremo MPA-M is a manual control brake. Primarily used for industrial applications requiring less dynamic torque. The brake operates in applications where space is limited and when static braking is required. 

  • Braking Force: 2880 N
  • Disc Thickness: 8 & 12.7 mm
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Coremo MPA-M Mechanically Applied Caliper Brake

Coremo MPA-M caliper brake is designed for industrial applications where the braking forces and overall dimensions required are not particularly high. MPA-M mechanical brakes are best suited for applications where the brake is not continually turning. Perfect for simple industrial machinery where the need for continuous braking is not required.

The brake must be installed horizontally so that the weight of the thruster does not rest on the levers. The SG iron caliper is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses generated with satisfactory safety coefficients.

  • Coremo: A2912 & A2914

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Twiflex MUP
Product Brake
Brand Coremo
Actuation Method Mechanical
Brake Type Caliper
Compares With Twiflex, Wichita Clutch
Disc Thickness 8 mm, 12.7 mm
Braking Force 2880 N @ 12 turns of hand-wheel
Max. Continuous Temp Qc: 1 kW