Eide Centrifugal Brake EC

Brand: Eide
Code: EC Centrifugal Brake

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eide EC centrifugal brakes. Available in all three standard sizes, suitable for any type of lifting device, elevators, construction hoist and wide range of winches.

Eide EC centrifugal safety brakes are mounted between the motor and the gearbox. Designed to control over-speed in the absence of motorisation and in case of holding-brake failure. 

EC Features:

  • Mechanical over-speed protection
  • Standard flanges and shafts
  • Available with or without drums
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Eide EC Centrifugal Safety Brake

Eide EC centrifugal brakes control the rate of descent in the absence of motorisation and in case of holding-brake failure. They prevent uncontrolled acceleration of the load. Its working principle is the centrifugal force. This force acts on masses that rub a static drum. 

As the centrifugal force is an exponential function of the speed, a balance between load power during the descent and braking power always occurs. The load will be maintained by balancing speed up to the stop or until a parking brake acts. Consequently, centrifugal brakes are not locking brakes but retaining brakes.

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Product Brake
Brand Eide
Industry Applications Construction Hoists, Machine Tools, Wind Turbine Lifts
Actuation Method Mechanical
Brake Type Centrifugal
Max. RPM 1,550
Torque Rating 45 - 260 Nm
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