Eide Safety Brake FPC

Brand: Eide
Code: Eide FPC

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eide FPC overspeed safety brakes. Available in all standard sizes, suitable for many types of safety applications. 

FPC safety brakes prevent accidental falls in all types of lifting devices. Many rack and pinion hoist manufacturers trust the Eide FPC safety device for their systems. The design is compact and robust and operation is completely mechanical. 

FPC Certification:

  • Complies with: EN 12158  EN12159, EN 1495
  • Complies with: 95/16/CE 
  • Complies with: ATEX 94/9/CE directives.
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Eide FPC Overspeed Safety Brake For Rack and Pinion Elevators and Hoists

Eide FPC overspeed safety brake is a mechanical unit used to protect against accidental free-fall in rack and pinion lift mechanisms. It is commonly used as a pinion safety brake on a rack and pinion construction hoist, industrial elevators, mast climbers and other types of lifting devices.

It is also known as a safety device that controls overspeed, an automatic centrifugal brake device, and a pinion safety device or pinion device.

Size FPC-500 FPC-1000 FPC-3500 FPC-6000
Locking Speed 180 - 400 rpm 160 - 400 rpm 150 - 300 rpm 150 - 300 rpm
Couple 150 - 500 Nm 350 - 1250 Nm 900 - 3800 Nm 2000 - 7000 Nm

Key Features: 

  • Maximum load: up to 9000 kg
  • Maximum speed: More than 120 m/min
  • Centrifugal progressive interlock without trigger
  • Reset without manipulation
  • The microswitch is easily accessible.
  • Different constructions including a double shaft or throw hole for double-mast boom lifts
  • Bidirectional
  • Complies with directives EN 12158, EN 12159 & EN 1495
  • Complies with directive 2014/33/UE
  • Complies with ATEX 2014/34/UE

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Product Brake
Brand Eide
Industry Applications Construction hoist, Renewable energy, Cleaning buildings, Machine tool, Construction industry
Actuation Method Mechanical
Brake Type Centrifugal