Coremo Modulo 300 Fan Cooled Brake

Brand: Coremo
Code: Modulo 300

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Coremo modulo brake units. The web tension brakes are suitable for the unwinding and rewinding of rolls in paper converting machinery.

Coremo Modulo 300 is a fan-cooled disc brake. The brake is equipped with an electrical fan for high thermal capacity. The modular and ergonomic design allows easy re-configuration and maintenance of the braking units.

  • Torque: 360 - 576 Nm @ 6 bar
  • Actuation Method: Pneumatic, air-cooled
  • Interchangeability: Re Combiflex, Wichita ModEvo
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Coremo Modulo 300 Fan Cooled Brake 

The MODULO fan-cooled brakes are used in various web tensioning applications on machines in converting paper, corrugated, flexible packaging, plastic film, or aluminum. The simple and modular structure of the brake makes the installation and maintenance extremely agile and fast.

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Product Brake
Brand Coremo
Industry Applications Paper Converting, Packaging
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Re spa, Wichita Clutch
Max. RPM 2200
Pressure 6 bar
Torque Rating 360 - 567 Nm