Eaton Airflex Air Cooled Disc Clutch & Brake - DC

Brand: Eaton Airflex
Code: Eaton Airflex - DC

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eaton Airflex air-cooled disc brakes. Designed for demanding applications that require high torque and horsepower absorption.

Airflex DC units are pressure applied multiple disc clutches or brakes. DC clutches and brakes are physically smaller than most other type clutches and brakes with the same torque capacity.

  • Torque: 1,190 - 233,000 Nm @ 5.2 bar
  • Max. speed: 950 - 3000 rpm
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Eaton Airflex Air Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes - DC

Eaton Airflex air-cooled disc brakes are designed to excel in a wide range of applications. Featuring favorable torque-to-size ratios and low-inertia friction disc assemblies. Air-cooled disc brakes provide maximum braking performance in limited spaces.

Airflex DC units can be used as either pressure-actuated clutches or brakes. Available in single and multiple disc designs. DC units feature optional split friction discs. This allows for the removal of friction discs without disturbing other components of the drive system in the mid-shaft brake arrangement. Self-lubricating seals eliminate premature twisting failure and require no external lubrication.

Built to excel in a variety of applications, such as power presses, tension brakes, emergency stop brakes on unwinding stands, and clutches on metal-forming applications.

Standard Sizes:

  • 109DC, 209DC, 115DC, 215DC, 120DC, 220DC, 320DC, 420DC, 125DC, 225DC, 325DC, 425DC, 138DC, 238DC, 338DC, 438DC.

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Product Clutch or Brake
Brand Eaton Airflex
Industry Applications power presses, tension brakes, unwind stands, metal forming
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Disc
Compares With Wichita Clutch, WPT
Bore Size 1.75 - 10.25"
Max. RPM 3000
Mounting Type Flange
Torque Rating 1,190 - 233,000 Nm
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