Eaton Airflex Caliper Disc Brakes - DP

Brand: Eaton Airflex
Code: Caliper Disc Brake - DP

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eaton Airflex caliper disc brakes. Best suited for high torque, high energy stopping applications.

Airflex DP caliper disc brakes can be actuated with either air or hydraulic fluid to accommodate existing systems and provide a wide range of torque capabilities.

Typical applications include conveyors, flywheel brakes, mining vehicle brakes, railroad maintenance equipment, and tension brakes.

  • Model: 225DP100, 220DPA
  • Dynamic torque: 2,540 lb-in
  • Static torque: 3,170 lb-in
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Eaton Airflex Caliper Brake - DP

Eaton Airflex DP caliper brake is best suited for stopping and light tensioning applications. The robust design can withstand tough operating conditions associated with industrial applications. It's quick response time, long lifetime, and simple maintenance maximizes safety and helps reduce machine downtime.

An automatic adjustment mechanism compensates for lining wear and maintains a constant running clearance between the friction shoes and brake disc. They also maintain a constant displacement volume and hence a constant response time for each brake engagement. 

Standard Sizes:

  • 225DP100, 220DPA

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Product Brake
Brand Eaton Airflex
Industry Applications Conveyors, flywheel brakes, mining vehicle brakes, railroad maintenance equipment, tension brakes...
Actuation Method Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Brake Type Caliper
Compares With Coremo, Dellner, ICP, Ringspann, Twiflex
Brake Disc Diameter Minimum: 10"
Torque Rating 23.575 Nm
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