Eaton Airflex Expanding Clutches & Brakes - VE

Brand: Eaton Airflex
Code: Expanding Clutch & Brake - VE

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eaton Airflex expanding clutches & brakes. Available in four different series that span a range of features and sizes.

Airflex VE elements provide excellent slip clutch and tension brake operations when coupled with an air-agitating, ventilated drum. A special heat-dissipating design excels in medium-speed cyclic applications.

  • Torque: 2,880 - 6,610 Nm @ 5.2 bar
  • Max. speed: 1,100 rpm
  • Sizes: 19VE475, 24VE475, 27VE475
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Eaton Airflex Expanding Clutches & Brakes - VE

Eaton Airlfex expanding clutches and brakes maximize performance in braking and tensioning applications. The drum style products expand radially outward when pressure is applied, forcing friction shoes against an inner cylindrical drum surface to create stopping torque.

VE elements compare directly to the Airflex E units. The VE element differs slightly in that its side housings and friction shoe backing plates have open construction and ventilating features which permits a greater flow of cooling air and greater heat dissipation. 

VE elements are best suited for moderate heavy-duty clutch and brake operations. Perfect for handling the large thermal loads of medium-speed cyclic applications, but can also serve general power transmission purposes. Typical applications include construction equipment, marine winches, and metal-working machinery.

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Product Clutch or Brake
Brand Eaton Airflex
Industry Applications construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking machinery, slip clutches, tension brakes...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Gummi
Max. RPM 1100
Torque Rating up to 24,950 Nm
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