Nexen Air Engaged Brake Module Type T

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Air Engaged Brake Module Type T

Nexen Air Engaged Brake Module Type T

Low Cost Air Cooled Brakes For Narrow Range Tension Control Application. 

Tapered Bore Friciton Brakes.

Type T Models:

  • T-450 / T-450A / T-600 / T-600A /  T-800 / T-800A / T-1000 / T-1000A / T-1200 / T-1400.
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Nexen Air Engaged Brake Module Type T 

 Nexen's self-adjusting air cooled brakes mount easily and come with:

  • Tapered bore to accept QD bushings for mounting flexibility.

  • Single plate finned friction discs provide high heat dissipation.

  • High dynamic torque capacity ensures fast load response.

  • Split friction facing for easy replacement without brake removal or disassembly.


> Static Torque capacity up to:

  • T-450, T-450A/440 In. Lbs. @80 psi

  • T-600, T600A/840 In. Lbs. @80 psi

  • T-800, T-800A/1600 In. Lbs. @80psi

  • T-1000/3450 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi

  • T-1000A/3450 In. Lbs. @80 psi

  • T-1200/5500 In. Lbs. @80 psi

  • T-1400/10,000 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi

> Maximum Operating Speed:

  •  up to 1800 rpm.


  • High cooling capacity 

  • Self adjusting for friction wear 

  • Easy facing replacement 4 different friction materials available

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Product Brake
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Dynamic braking, Cyclic stops, Tension control & Holding
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Horton
Max. RPM 1800
Weight Range 14-110lbs
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