NexSafe™ Functional Safety Certified Servomotor Brake

Brand: Nexen

NexSafe™ functional safety certified servo motor brakes mount directly to servomotor flanges. Spring engaged, air released, and are safety rated to comply with international safety standard ISO 13849-1.

NexSafe™ servo motor brakes are available in over 140 models in 6 different frame sizes. It is an off-the-shelf braking solution for any servo application. Nexen's servomotor brakes deliver at least 20-50% more torque than competitive brakes. 

  • Static Torque: 7.9 - 88.1 Nm
  • Bore/Shaft Diameter: 9 - 65 mm
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NexSafe™ Functional Safety Certified Servo Motor Brake

Nexen’s spring engaged, air released servo motor brakes are safety certified to comply with international safety standard ISO 13849-1. Category Level up to 4 and Performance Level up to e, able to be achieved using NexSafe™ products in recommended configuration.

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Product Brake
Brand Nexen
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Servomotor Brake
Bore Size 9 - 65 mm
Min. Release Pressure 5.5 bar
Mounting Type Flange
Torque Rating 7.9 - 88.1 Nm
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