Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type SE

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type SE

Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type SE

The Module Type SE is a Spring Engaged, NEMA C-Face, Shaft, Flange or Foot Mounted Brake with Manual Release.

  • Spring Engaged Friction Brake Model: SE (16)

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Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type SE

Spring-engaged brakes provide protection to equipment when fast, dependable stops are required for non-cyclic applications. Restrictor valve controls exhaust air during engagement, ensuring a smooth stop. Three moving parts ensure durability and dependability.


  • NEMA C-face: 56C, 143TC, 145TC, 182TC, 184TC, 213TC, 215TC, 254UC, 256UC 

  • Static torque at 0 bar: 100InLb to 2000 InLb (11.3Nm to 226Nm) 

  • Minimum release pressure: 30-50psi


  • Fast response 

  • Versatile mounting 

  • Manual release 

  • Easy facing replacement 

  • Mounting flexibility 

  • NEMA C-Flange mount or shaft mount capability.

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Product Brake
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Emergency stopping, Power-off holding, Dynamic stopping...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Spring Applied
Compares With Horton
Bore Size Up to 1.375"
Inertia 1.280-7.410 lb.in²
Max. RPM 1800
Min. Release Pressure 30 - 50 psi
Torque Rating Up to 1150 In. Lbs.
Weight Range 14-28lbs
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