Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type TSE

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type TSE

Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type TSE

Tapered Bore Spring Engaged Brakes.

TSE Models:

  • TSE-450 / TSE-600 / TSE-800 / TSE-1000 / TSE-1200 / TSE-1400.

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Nexen Spring Engaged Brake Module Type TSE - Spring Engaged, Shaft Mounted and Tapered Bore Brake

These spring engaged, air disengaged brakes mount easily and come with open spring sockets that allow you to add or remove springs to fit your torque needs. Tapered bore to accept QD bushings for mounting flexibility. Single plate finned friction discs provide high heat dissipation.

High dynamic torque capacity ensures fast load response. Split friction facing for easy replacement without brake removal or disassembly. 


Static Torque capacity up to: 

  • TSE-450/450 In. Lbs

  • TSE-600/985 In. Lbs

  • TSE-800/2500 In. Lbs

  • TSE-1000/3700 In. Lbs

  • TSE-1200/550 In. Lbs

  • TSE-1400/8000 In. Lbs

Max Rpm:

  • 1800 rpm.


  • High cooling capacity 

  • Easy facing replacement 

  • Release pressure related to the number of factory installed springs 


  • Emergency stopping 

  • Dynamic braking 

  • Holding Power off holding

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Product Brake
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Emergency stopping, Dynamic braking, Power-off holding...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Spring Applied
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 38-50mm
Inertia 4.74 - 991.00 Lb.In²
Min. Release Pressure 50 - 90 psi
Mounting Type Shaft
Number Of Springs 6 - 16
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