WPT Water Cooled Brakes

Brand: WPT

Industrial Clutch Parts supplies a complete range of WPT water cooled brakes. Purposefully built for severe high-heat braking applications where heavy-duty constant slip tensioning is required.

WPT water cooled brakes are high energy absorbing solutions used as dynamic tensioning and static holding brakes.

  • Torque: 5,150 - 257,500 Nm
  • Slip speed: 425 - 850 rpm
  • OEM replacement: Wichita, Eaton Airflex
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WPT Water Cooled Brakes 

WPT water cooled brakes are designed for applications in which thermal loads must be dissipated and where heavy-duty continuous slip tensioning is needed.

Manufactured for dynamic tensioning and static holding applications. Typical applications include - draw works, mooring winches, dynamo-meters, paper mills, coilers, and yarders.

The design of the internal water flow and copper alloy wear plates allows for greater heat dissipation. The air tube design is corrosion resistant and requires no special coatings or treatments. The O-ring design ensures field service is fast, simple and error-free.

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Product Brake
Brand WPT
Industry Applications Marine Winches, Drilling Equipment , Dynamometers, Forestry / Logging Equipment, Anchor Handling, Towing Winches, Mooring Winch Systems, Petroleum Drilling Equipment...
Actuation Method Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Brake Type Water Cooled
Compares With Eaton Airflex, Wichita Clutch
Inertia 0.79 - 64.2 J
Max. Slip Speed 425 - 850 RPM
Torque Rating 5,150 - 257,500 Nm
Water Flow 45.4 - 984.2 L/min
Weight Range 150 - 2948 kg
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