ICP Four Pole Electric Clutch EC4P Series

Brand: ICP
Code: EC4P Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies an extensive range of electric clutches. The four-pole electric clutch generates higher torques than traditional similar size two-pole clutches.

EC4P clutch design incorporates a convenient mounting hub for driven chain wheels, pulleys, or other elements. The bearing-mounted design enables easy installation. More torque for limited space applications.

  • Static Torque: 29 - 5100 Nm
  • Max. Speed: 6000 - 1200 RPM
  • Power: 35 - 50 (W)
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ECP4 Series - Four Pole Electric Clutch for High Torque Requirements

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Product Clutch
Brand ICP
Actuation Method Electric
Max. RPM 6000
Mounting Type Bearing
Torque Rating 29 - 5100 Nm
Voltage 24V
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