Monninghoff Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch without Slip Ring - 543

Brand: Monninghoff
Code: 543

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Monninghoff Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches. Available in various models and sizes, designed to solve a variety of different tasks.

Monninghoff type 543 is an electromagnetic tooth clutch without a slip ring. It offers high torque transfers despite the compact design. Positive-locking transmission of torque without slip and engages at a low relative speed.

  • Torque: 3200 - 10,000 Nm
  • Max. RPM: 2400
  • Input Power: 83,5 - 288 (W)
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Monninghoff Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch without Slip Ring - Type 543

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Product Clutch
Brand Monninghoff
Actuation Method Electric
Clutch Type Tooth
Max. RPM 2400
Torque Rating 3200 - 10,000 Nm
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