Goizper Hydraulic Clutch Series 6.32

Brand: Goizper
Code: Goizper 6.32 Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Goizper hydraulic clutches. Available in various sizes that cover a wide range of torques.

Goizper 6.32 model is a hydraulic clutch designed to transmit torque from one shaft to the other through the friction between the inner and outer discs. The torque of these discs, and therefore the clutching, is produced by oil pressure.

  • Torque: 110 - 6200 Nm
  • Max. speed: 3500 - 3000 r/min
  • Operating pressure: 18, 20, 24 & 25 bar
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Goizper Hydraulic Clutch - 6.32 Series

Goizper 6.32 model is a hydraulic clutch best suited for high cycling operations on presses, shears, and other metal forming equipment that requires a robust, rapid response without shock or noise. The design eliminates shock loads associated with high-pressure hydraulic systems. Fit to meet the demands of the heaviest duty, industrial applications.

Other industries include can manufacturing, automotive parts, shears and die cutters; transmissions for machinery and vehicles, marine engineering, stationary and mobile cranes, and multi-motor drives.

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Product Clutch
Brand Goizper
Industry Applications Presses for metal forming, stamping, & embossing, can manufacturing, automotive parts, shears & die cutters
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Torque Rating 110 - 6200 Nm
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