WPT PTO Clutch - Type 1

Brand: WPT
Code: WPT Type 1 PTO

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT type 1 power take-off clutches. It is one of the most rugged, highest capacity products available on the market today. 

An excellent design for very high side load applications such as rock crushers, dredge pumps, oilfield mud pumps, waste shredders, and other horsepower machinery.

  • OEM replacement: Rockford, Twin Disc
  • Actuation method: Pneumatic or Hydraulic
  • Applications: 400hp - 2100hp (298kW - 1566kW)
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WPT Type 1 Power Take-Off Clutch 

WPT type 1 power take-off clutch a rugged, extremely high capacity product. Manufactured in hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical actuation types. It is the toughest PTO clutch available in its field.

It is intended for customers with the most demanding of applications. With sheaves positioned between the large spherical roller bearings, these PTOs are designed to achieve maximum side load performance.

A direct replacement for Twin Disc and Rockford. It has the potential for remote engagement and easy drive belt removal. The typical drive belt tension capacity of the power take-off can range from two to four times that of the Type 2 PTO.

The heavy-duty design offers high-quality spherical roller bearings to enable maximum capacity and long-life service. Bearing housing remains on the shaft during belt change to eliminate bearing contamination.

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Product PTO
Brand WPT
Industry Applications Mud Pumps, Rock Crushers, Dredging, Aggregate Processing, Dredges, Chippers, Mining, Irrigation, Quarry, Agriculture, Marine...
Actuation Method Hydraulic, Mechanical, Pneumatic
Compares With AP Industrial Clutch, Kraft Power, NACD, Palmer Johnson Power, Rockford, Technodrive, Transfluid, Twin Disc
Clutch Type Power Take Off
Friction Coefficient 0.45
Friction Material Kevlar
Max. RPM 2500
Torque Rating 1800 - 9600 Nm
SAE Housing Number 0, 00, 1
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