Hilliard Extreme Duty Centrifugal Clutch

Brand: Hilliard
Code: Hilliard Extreme Duty Centrifugal Clutch

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies Hilliard extreme duty centrifugal clutches. Engineered in pulley and sprocket versions to provide long service life and is ideal for retrofit or new equipment applications.

Hilliard's extreme duty centrifugal clutch is manufactured in a thermodynamic designed shoe to increase the clutch capacity and absorb heat without damaging the integrity of the clutch.

  • Sprocket rating: 6 kW
  • Pulley rating: 9.5 kW
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Hilliard Extreme Duty Centrifugal Clutch

Hilliard extreme duty centrifugal clutches absorb heat without damaging the clutch springs. The unique clutch shoe design offers a reliable and long service life even in the most demanding applications. The sprocket version is ideal for the everyday demands of go-karts, while the pulley version is a low-cost upgrade for lawn and garden equipment.

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Product Clutch
Brand Hilliard
Industry Applications Karting, Garden Equipment, Agriculture
Actuation Method Mechanical
Clutch Type Centrifugal
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