ICP Dog Clutch

Brand: ICP
Code: ICP Dog Clutch

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of Mechanical Clutches. Available and stocked in the UK for worldwide distribution.

The ICP Dog Clutch is commonly referred to as a Static Claw Coupling, designed for occasional engagement and disengagement of transmission drives when the shafts are stationary.


  • Bi-directional couplings
  • Available in 15 standard sizes
  • Max Torque: 0.18 - 206 KNm
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ICP Dog Clutch - Static Operation

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. have designed a series of mechanical clutches for occasional engagement and disengagement of transmission drives when the shafts are stationary. Often referred to as a Dog Clutch or Claw Coupling.

ICP Claw Coupling is available for static or rotating operations. The static dog clutch is in 15 standard sizes to fit shafts up to 155mm diameter on the sliding/driving half and 195mm diameter on the fixed/driven half. ICP have engineered these couplings from 080M40 (En8) steel and are precision machined all over. The teeth are precision machined to ensure that the coupling will engage correctly in any position.

The Claw Coupling is fitted with precision teeth to ensure zero backlash and vibration when engaged. This specific design provides the utmost protection for your application and offers a long service life. Please note, the shafts must be perfectly aligned to allow smooth engagement of the coupling.

This standard coupling has a sliding (driving) half which is engaged and disengaged by the handle operating mechanism. This half is fitted with a self-lubricating liner bush to allow easier sliding on the shaft. The handle operating mechanism is spring loaded and can be adjusted to suit each application. It can also be supplied for pneumatic or hydraulic operation.

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Product Clutch
Brand ICP
Actuation Method Mechanical
Max. RPM 3200
Torque Rating 0.18 - 206 KNm