Eaton Airflex Expanding Clutches & Brakes - EB

Brand: Eaton Airflex
Code: Expanding Clutch & Brake - EB

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Eaton Airflex expanding clutches & brakes. Available in four different series that span a range of features and sizes.

Airflex EB elements easily manage clutch and brake operations for light starting loads. The expanding design allows the element to behave as a centrifugal clutch.

  • Torque: 44,1 - 5,090 Nm @ 5.2 bar
  • Max. speed: 1,800 rpm
  • Sizes: 4EB - 24EB
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Eaton Airflex Expanding Clutches & Brakes - EB

Eaton Airlfex expanding clutches and brakes maximize performance in braking and tensioning applications. The drum style products expand radially outward when pressure is applied, forcing friction shoes against an inner cylindrical drum surface to create stopping torque.

EB elements exhibit the same torsional resilient principle made possible by transmitting power through the sidewalls of the neoprene and cord actuating tube. The neoprene tube creates flexibility to permit minor shaft misalignment.

EB units are best suited for slow speed applications having moderate starting and stopping loads. Used as slip clutches and tension brakes for lighter torque and horsepower applications. 

Standard Sizes:

  • 4EB125, 6EB200, 8EB250, 9EB325, 10EB300, 12EB350, 14EB400, 16EB475, 19EB475, 21.5EB475, 24EB475

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Product Clutch or Brake
Brand Eaton Airflex
Industry Applications agriculture, centrifuges, core expanders, laundry machines, textile machines, tire building machines
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Gummi
Bore Size 0.88 - 3.50"
Max. RPM 1800
Torque Rating 44,1 - 5,090 Nm
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