Gummi Air Clutch - Type DX

Brand: Gummi
Code: Gummi DX

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Gummi Drum Clutches and Brakes. The constricting clutches and brakes are manufactured with elastic neoprene tubes integrally bonded inside the face of the rim.

Gummi DX Air Clutches are designed and manufactured to be utilised as high and low drum shaft clutches on draw-works. Interchangeable directly with National Oilwell's Dy-A-Flex Clutch, with the principal application being found on draw-works. 


  • Interchangeability: National Oilwell's Dy-A-Flex Clutch
  • Torque Rating: up to: 808,000 lbs-in @75 PSI & 100 RPM
  • Max. Speed: 1,100 rpm
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Gummi DX Air Clutch

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies Gummi DX Air Clutch units suitable for various national draw-works in the oil drilling industry. Gummi DX Air Clutches provide a constricting style that is capable of handling the heaviest loads while withstanding continuous and repetitive engagements during the drilling process both for onshore and offshore applications. Manufactured to absorb shock loads and vibration to protect the drive components from the transmission.

It has been designed for heavy-duty applications and has an open construction, which allows for high heat dissipation. Its ability to handle heavy loads, while withstanding repeated engagement and disengagements has made it a dependable performer.

Gummi DX unit features a neoprene rubber enclosed diaphragm for clutch actuation. It is isolated from the source of heat, due to the open construction and utilisation of ventilated friction shoes which promotes air flow across the length of the shoe. Instead of utilising an independent enclosed air actuating tube like the Gummi FKT.

In addition, the DX Air Clutch is composed of expendable component parts, so the element can be completely rebuilt and restored. 

Standard Sizes:

  • 24×51/4, 28×51/4, 28×10, 32×10, 40×10, 46×10

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Product Clutch
Brand Gummi
Industry Applications National Oilwell Drawworks
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Drum
Compares With Eaton Airflex
Clutch Type Drum
Max. RPM 1100
Torque Rating Up to 808,000 lbs-in @75 PSI & 100 RPM
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