Gummi Air Clutch & Drum Brake - Type FKT

Brand: Gummi
Code: Gummi FKT

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Gummi Drum Clutches and Brakes. The constricting clutches and brakes are manufactured with elastic neoprene tubes integrally bonded inside the face of the rim.

Gummi FKT is manufactured for extra heavy load applications, operating in the most extreme working conditions. It is well suited for applications with the most demanding equipment where severe clutching and braking is required.


  • Torque Rating: up to 2,800,000 lb-in @75 PSI @100 RPM
  • Max. Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Standard Sizes: narrow & wide 
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Gummi FKT Air Clutch and Drum Brake

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies Gummi FKT Air Clutches & Drum Brakes to a variety of power transmission applications.

The Gummi FKT is designed primarily for high torque and high thermal capacity on heavy-duty applications. It is the workhorse of drum clutches and its capacity to withstand high starting loads and sustained slippages differentiates itself from conventional clutches.

Available 30 sizes, in single, dual, wide, dual-wide, and split configurations. Its superior design and construction provide outstanding efficiency, long operating services and minimal maintenance. 

Similarly to the Gummi FK type, the FKT element offers the versatility. An integrated neoprene tube, reinforced with various ply of cords, is vulcanized to the inside of a steel rim. A set of highly ventilated friction shoes generates greater volumes of airflow across the length of the shoe, which reduces heat and ultimately extends the operating life of the actuator tube and clutch element. When the tube is pressurized, the friction shoes are forced to engage around the drum. The rubber nylon cord-reinforced air tube forces the element’s friction shoe assemblies against the outer edge of the drum.

It has been manufactured to promote airflow across units for rapid heat dissipation and transmit torque through its sidewalls, absorbing shock loads and vibration to protect the drive components from the transmission. In addition, every single component is replaceable so the FKT can be completely rebuilt.

Standard Sizes:

  • Narrow Sizes: 11.5FKT500, 14FKT500, 16FKT500, 20FKT600, 24FKT650, 28FKT650, 33FKT650, 35FKT650, 37FKT650, 42FKT650

  • Wide Sizes: 14FKT1000, 16FKT1000, 20FKT1000, 24FKT1000, 28FKT1000, 32FKT1000, 38FKT1200, 42FKT1200, 46FKT1200, 52FKT1200, 51VC1600, 60FKT1600, 66FKT1600

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Product Clutch or Brake
Brand Gummi
Industry Applications Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming, drilling equipment, pulp and paper machinery
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Drum
Compares With Eaton Airflex
Clutch Type Drum
Max. RPM 1800
Torque Rating Up to 13,877,000 lb-in