ICP Air Tooth Clutch Coupling - ATC/C

Brand: ICP
Code: ATC/C

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture and supply pneumatically operated clutches suitable for various industrial applications.

ICP ATC/C series is an air tooth clutch made with front toothing and flexible coupling. The design provides a connection between two opposite shafts that are not perfectly aligned, while the flexibility angles in radial, angular and axial directions are specified according to the size.

ATC/C Characteristics: 

  • Operating Pressure: 6 bars
  • Static Moments (MS): 110 - 2100 Nm
  • Max. Speed: 3000 rpm
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ICP Air Tooth Clutch with Flexible Coupling - ATC/C

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Product Clutch
Brand ICP
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Clutch Type Tooth
Max. RPM 3000
Max. Working Pressure 6 bar