Nexen Friction Clutch Type DFC

Brand: Nexen
Code: DFC 1650 & 2200

Nexen Friction Clutch Type DFC

DFC models are self contained, dualfaced, air-engaged friction clutches with a bearing mounted plate for mounting pulleys or sprockets.

Dual-Faced Friction Clutch Model Types:

  • DFC -1650

  • DFC - 2200

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Nexen Friction Clutch Type DFC

The DFC Clutches operate with an air-pressurized piston moving axially to compress the friction facing against the inside of a dualfaced rotor, which is splined to a shaft-mounted hub. The rotor is locked with the pilot plate, under friction, to transmit power from the driving shaft to the driven pulley or sprocket.


  • Air Engaged

  • Dual Interface

  • Shaft End Mounted Only

  • Straight Bore Clutch

  • Lower cost O-ring design 

  • Superior friction facing life 

  • Excellent bearing life  

  • Clutch envelope is within the motor diameter


  • 2 models: DFC - 1650 & DFC - 2200 

  • Static torque at 5.5 bar: 4000Nm (DFC-1650); 7500Nm (DFC-2200) 

  • Bore sizes: 3.375" (85.7mm) 

  • Maximum operation speed: (DFC-1650) 1200 rpm, (DFC-2200) 900 rpm. 

  • Transmitted horsepower up to 250.

  • Fit shafts up to 3.375"


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Product Clutch
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Controlled connect/disconnect...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 3.375" (85.7mm)
Clutch Type Friction
Max. RPM 1200
Mounting Type Shaft
Torque Rating Static torque at 5.5 bar: 4000Nm (DFC-1650); 7500Nm (DFC-2200)
Outside Diameter 18.85 to 24.50 in
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