Nexen Friction Clutch Type DFE

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Friction Clutch Type DFE

Model Series: DFE 

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Heavy Duty Clutch & Brake Elements - Air Engaged, Dual Interface, Shaft Mounted, Straight Bore, Clutch

With Nexen's DFE Heavy Duty Model Series, tough applications are made easy. The DFE and QFE Series of Clutches and Brakes are designed for applications requiring high torque and low inertia. The peak input rate may be the limiting factor in high inertia starts or stops, even though the Heat Sink Capacity is efficient. 

This 8 Model Series of airactuated Dual Faced Elements are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications requiring high torque and low inertia.When the DFE is used as a clutch it must be Shaft-End Mounted in a horizontal position. The housing is flange mounted to a bearing supported component (flywheel, gear, pulley). The Hub is keyed to the shaft. Air is supplied through a Rotary Air Union and flexible hoses.


  • Static Torque ratings up to 151,000 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi
  • Maximum Operating Speed up to 1600 rpm  
  • Thermal Horsepower values up to 10.9 @ 900 rpm
  • Bore range up to 6.500 inches  
  • Dual Faced Elements have single disc assemblies.
  • Rugged design ensures long product life.


  • Heavy duty connect/disconnect Controlled acceleration

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Product Clutch
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Heavy duty connect/disconnect, Controlled acceleration...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Ambient Temperature 32 - 150 °F
Compares With Horton
Bore Size up to 6.500 inches
Clutch Type Friction
Max. RPM 1600
Torque Rating 12,300 to 151,000 in-lbs. torque @ 80 psi
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