Nexen Friction Clutch Type FMCE/1125

Brand: Nexen
Code: 964409

Nexen Friction Clutch Type FMCE/1125

FMCE Flange Mounted Clutches are excellent in hostile, dirty environments where only a clutch is required.

  • Friction Clutch Model - FMCE-1125*1.125

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Nexen Friction Clutch Type FMCE/1125

The FMCE/1125 Model has been designed as an air engaged, NEMA C-Faced, flange mounted and enclosed clutch. The totally enclosed design functions perfectly in areas where dirt, dust, moisture or other contaminants interfere.


  • IEC or NEMA input and output flanges 

  • Clutch torque: 10 to 220Nm at 5.5bar 

  • Enclosed design 

  • Automatic facing wear compensation 

  • High cooling capacity Shaft diameter: 14 to 42mm; 0.625" to 1.375" 


  • Mounting feet 

  • Input shaft module 

  • Nickel plating

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Product Clutch
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications Cyclic start operation, torque control, controlled acceleration...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Actuation Type Active
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 1.125 in.
Clutch Type Friction
Max. RPM 1800
Mounting Type Flange
Torque Rating 10 to 220Nm at 5.5 bar
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