Nexen Friction Clutch Type LSCC

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Friction Clutch Type LSCC

Nexen Friction Clutch Type LSCC 

Nexen’s LSCC air-engaged, straight-bore series of conveyor clutches offer high torque in a small package.

LSCC Straight Bore Conveyor Clutch Models: 

  • LSCC 32 / 44 / 54

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LSCC Straight Bore Conveyor Clutches 

With a maximum torque rating of 452 Nm [4000 in-lb] and a bore range from 12 to 38 mm, these products can outperform the competition at a lower cost. Nexen’s conveyor lines comes standard with a pilot designed for easy sprocket mounting or can be configured for a variety of mounting application.

The multiple interfaces of the clutch engage under air pressure to drive sprockets, which are attached to the clutch drive flange. When air pressure is not directed to the clutch, springs keep the clutch interface separated for complete disengagement. No rotary air union is required.


  • Mounted on driven shaft 

  • Clutch torque: 85 to 452Nm at 5.5bar 

  • Automatic clutch facing wear compensation 

  • Shaft diameter: 20 to 38mm; 0.625" to 1.500" 


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Product Clutch
Brand Nexen
Industry Applications High torque, low speed, connect/disconnect...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 12 to 38 mm
Clutch Type Friction
Torque Rating 85 to 452Nm at 5.5 bar
Inner Diameter 20 to 38mm; 0.625" to 1.500"
Outside Diameter 20 to 38mm; 0.625" to 1.500"
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