Nexen Metric Tooth Clutch Type 5H70

Brand: Nexen
Code: 907300

Nexen Metric Tooth Clutch Type 5H70

  • 5H Series

  • Flange Mount

  • Tooth Clutches

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Nexen Metric Tooth Clutch Type 5H70

The 5h70 Series is a metric, air Engaged, straight Bore, flange mounted tooth clutch.


  • Mounting on driving or driven shaft 

  • Bearing mounted piston, air inlet does not rotate

  • Torque proportional to control pressure 


  • Connect/disconnect 

  • Reversing/multiple speed 

  • Positive drive 


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Product Clutch
Brand Nexen
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Ambient Temperature 32 - 150 °F
Compares With Horton
Bore Size 2.188 in.
Clutch Type Tooth
Max. RPM 2000
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