WPT Low Inertia High Torque Clutches

Brand: WPT
Code: WLB-OA-000 D HT

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT low inertia high torque clutches. The pneumatically applied, spring-released high torque clutch is designed for end-shaft mounting.

This product is the ideal solution for applications such as steel shears, metal forming, drawworks, yarders, fail safe brakes, and marine winches.

  • Torque: 2820 - 23,5000 Nm
  • Sizes: 11 - 36"
  • Interchangeability: Wichita 
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WPT Low Inertia High Torque Clutch

WPT low inertia high torque clutches have been manufactured to create high torque to size ratios. An ideal solution for high cycle applications or general clutch duties. Smooth in operation and shock-free, the low inertia high torque clutch provides reliable and efficient performance for your application.

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Product Clutch
Brand WPT
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Actuation Type Active
Compares With Wichita Clutch
Bore Size 32 - 140 mm
Inertia 24 - 5600 lb-ft²
Lining Area 730 - 22,000 cm²
Max. RPM 2100
Max. Slip Speed 2,090 r/min
Torque Rating 2820 - 23,5000 Nm
Weight Range 80 - 1,544 kg
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