WPT Low Inertia Clutches

Brand: WPT
Code: WLB-OA-000 D

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT low inertia clutches. Built to maximize airflow and optimize heat transfer. 

WPT low inertia clutches lead to more cycles per minute and extend operating life for more reliable and efficient performances. 

  • Torque: 260 - 1,301,800 Nm
  • Sizes: 4” - 60” in 1, 2, 3, or 4 plate configurations
  • OEM replacement: Wichita 
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WPT Low Inertia Clutches

WPT low inertia clutch is a pneumatically applied and spring released clutch, designed for high energy and high cycle applications, or general brake duties requiring end shaft mounting.

Mounted on an end-shaft, typically on a flywheel, WPT low inertia clutches are used in industries such as oil & gas, grinding mills, metal & steel forming, and marine markets.

The low inertia clutch has the ability to engage and disengage quickly in an air pressure design. Suitable for controlled slipping and high cycle operations, ideal for unique and demanding braking. The heavy-duty design provides increased accuracy for your application with little part movement during start and stop, requiring minimal adjustment after installation.

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Product Clutch
Brand WPT
Industry Applications Steel, Metal Forming, Oil, Gas and Marine Industries
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Low Inertia
Compares With Wichita
Overall Dimension 187 - 1790 mm
Torque Rating 260 Nm - 1,301,800 Nm
Weight Range 5 kg - 6,462 kg