WPT Power Grip Clutch

Brand: WPT
Code: Power Grip Clutch

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT power grip clutches. Designed for in-line and shaft-to-shaft power transmission applications with large inertia loads.

The air-tube design allows seamless, controlled engagement and disengagement with minimal air volume.

  • Torque rating: 630 Nm - 1,301,800 Nm
  • Max. speed: 360 rpm
  • Standard sizes: 8" - 60"
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WPT Power Grip Clutches

WPT power grip clutch is designed to assist in-line mounting for heavy-duty power transmission. Used in conjunction with either a quick change or standard driving adapter, the power grip clutch best used as a coupling clutch for shaft-to-shaft applications. 

WPT has incorporated a major design improvement into the power grip clutch. The wave spring is designed to replace coil springs in new and existing clutches. Only one wave spring per plate is required versus several coil springs. The wave spring allows simple assembly of a clutch on the shaft without the use of special tools used to retain the obsolete coil springs. 

The patented extended tooth hub for power grip clutches greatly assists in re-assembling the clutch while mounted on a shaft. The extended teeth allow for all center and floating plates to remain engaged on the hub teeth with the release springs in a relaxed state. 

Product Specific Information

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Product Clutch
Brand WPT
Industry Applications Dredging
Actuation Method Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Bore Size 23.80 - 381 mm
Inertia 0.102 - 1,669 J
Max. RPM 3600
Torque Rating 630 Nm - 1,301,800 Nm
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