WPT Power Grip PO Clutch

Brand: WPT
Code: Power Grip PO Clutch

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT power grip PO clutches. Built for use on in-line and shaft-to-shaft power transmission applications.

A large diaphragm provides maximum torque and compensation for wear. Oversized release springs and plate separators ensure quick positive plate separation. 

  • Torque rating: 4340 - 380,800 Nm
  • Max. speed: 2450 - 750 rpm
  • Pressure: 100 psi
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WPT Power Grip PO Clutches

WPT power grip PO clutches are manufactured with a large diaphragm actuator to provide maximum torque and compensate for wear on your clutch application. As well as minimizing release drags to create a long-lasting and reliable performance.

WPT has designed the PO clutch with oversized release springs and plate separators to ensure quick positive plate separation. The power grip clutch best used as a coupling clutch for shaft-to-shaft applications, due to working in conjunction with either a quick change or standard driving adapter.

All power grip clutches come standard with a mechanical lockup feature for emergency use, providing the utmost safety for your application. The air-actuated and air tube design allows for smooth and controlled operations, via a simple air release valve.

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Product Clutch
Brand WPT
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Bore Size 2.00 - 10.00 mm
Inertia 2.0 - 360 kg-m²
Lining Area 1080 - 29600 cm²
Torque Rating 4340 - 3,370,000 Nm
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