Mechanical PTO Clutch SP211HP - SAE #3 Ball Bearing Collar

Brand: WPT
Code: WTD-11-230

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT mechanical PTO clutches. Together, ICP and WPT have built an international reputation for excellence in the mechanical power transmission industry.

WPT SP211HP is a mechanical power take-off clutch. Available in a wide range of sizes for OEM applications and aftermarket retrofits.

  • Model: SP211HP, TD style, ball-bearing collar, SAE #3
  • Pilot bearing: 72 mm
  • OEM replacement: Twin Disc SP211P301
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SP211HP Mechanical PTO Clutch SAE 3 Ball Bearing Collar

WPT mechanical power take-offs consist of a lever-actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. Its simplified installation and sealed-for-life pilot bearings minimize machine downtime. 

Available in a wide range of sizes for OEM’s applications and aftermarket retrofits. The mechanical PTOs are designed to increase engine life and uptime while simplifying installation times. Built with sealed-for-life pilot bearings to eliminate lubrication problems. Ball-bearing throw-out collars are optional on 10", 11.5". 14", 18" and standard on 311 PTOs. All drive rings are manufactured from ductile (nodular) iron and steel materials as standard. Roller bearings are available for customers requiring higher sideloads.

ICP supplies a complete range of heavy duty kevlar gear tooth friction discs. Best suited for heavy shock load applications that require extra tooth strength.

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Twin Disc SP211P301
Product PTO
Brand WPT
Industry Applications Engine Driven Pumps, Irrigation, Fire Control, High Pressure Spray, Road Planers, Wood Chippers, Utility Construction Equipment...
Actuation Method Mechanical
Compares With Anderton, AP Industrial Clutch, Kraft Power, NACD, PJPower, Rockford, Technodrive, Twin Disc
Clutch Type Power Take Off
Friction Material Organic
Outside Diameter 310 mm
Max. RPM 2500
Mounting Type Engine
Number Of Teeth 72
Pilot Bearing 72 mm
SAE Housing Number 3
Sideload Capacity 600 - 1500 kgs