ComInTec Elastic Coupling GEC

Brand: ComInTec
Code: ComInTec GEC

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply ComInTec GEC Elastic Couplings, suitable for general transmission where safety is paramount without harming the quality and effectiveness of the same transmission.

ComInTec GEC Elastic Coupling is composed of two hubs connected by radial pins, made in steel with high resistance and positioned within the elastomeric elements.


  • Max. Torque: 35000 Nm
  • Max. Bore: 180 mm 
  • Suitable for connecting Pelton Turbines
  • Suitable between Engines and Worm Compressors
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ComInTec Elastic Coupling GEC

ComInTec Elastic Coupling GEC has been constructed to enable the user to perform maintenance. Replacing the elastic elements without the need to move the two transmission hubs/shafts, saves maintenance and repair costs, whilst optimising productions for your application.

The GEC Elastic Coupling provides the highest protection in general transmission where safety is paramount without harming the quality and effectiveness of your application. It is also suited for Pelton Turbines and couplings between engines and worm compressors. 


  • Suitable for working in high temperatures
  • Statically balanced, suitable to absorb vibrations
  • Excellent value torque/dimensions

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Product Coupling
Brand ComInTec
Industry Applications Connecting Pelton Turbines
Actuation Method Mechanical
Bore Size 180 mm
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Torque Rating Up to 35000 Nm