Gummi Hydraulic Coupling - Type HSD

Brand: Gummi
Code: Gummi Type HSD

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute a number of Gummi Couplings. Manufactured and designed to protect the more critical elements in a series of power transmission components.

Type HSD is a fluid filled hydraulic coupling, usually applied as a way of controlling the transmitted torque of the prime mover in a drive system.


  • Gummi HSD Type - Hydraulic Coupling
  • Torque Output is equal to the Torque Input
  • Available with a Fusible Plug
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Gummi HSD Type Hydraulic Coupling

Gummi HSD is a simple mechanism designed to support a progressive working action. Suitable for major applications including - bulk material handling, conveyor drive systems, fans, centrifuges, crushers, mixers, ball mills, debarking drive systems and a variety of other applications in the global power transmission market.

When correctly applied, the fluid coupling outlines the speed and torque characteristics of the prime mover to match the requirement of the driven equipment. It can also be considered as a “soft start” coupling by controlling the motor's output characteristics to match load requirements. In doing this it protects various essential components during start up from over torquing such as belts and bearings. A key feature is the dampening of shock loads and shaft-to-shaft vibrations on your applications and transmissions, extending equipment working life and reducing costly downtime.

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Product Coupling
Brand Gummi
Industry Applications Textile Machines, Mixers, Crushers, Wire Drawing Machine, Agitator, Dryers, Mills, Chain Pumps, Cranes Centrifuges, Elevators, Silos
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Max. RPM 4800