Link Arm Coupling | Vestas & NEG Micon Wind Turbines

Brand: ICP
Code: ICP-1282

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. distribute various spare parts to a number of leading Wind Turbine Brands. ICP hold an extensive range of Wind Turbine Spare Parts in stock, ready to be dispatched worldwide.

The Link Arm Coupling is suitable for Wind Turbine Models: Vestas & NEG Micon. 

Wind Turbine Models:

  • Vestas: V47
  • NEG Micon: 750 kW;  600 kW; 1 MW; 1.25 MW; 1.6 MW
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Link Arm Coupling for Vestas & NEG Micon Wind Turbines

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a wide range of Wind Turbine Couplings, suitable for a number of leading wind turbine brands around the world. Available in various sizes and models, specific to our customers requirements.

The Link Arm Coupling is a direct replacement for Vestas & NEG Micon Wind Turbines. Manufactured to allow two shafts not aligned to connect with each other freely in any direction and transmit rotational power. When shafts are not perfectly aligned, the link arm coupling tolerates slight misalignment and protects your turbines components from heavy loads beyond the applicationsneeds.

Vestas & NEG Micon Link Arm Couplings are available directly from stock for immediate worldwide distribution. ICP pride themselves on high quality customer service. We help reduce costly turbine downtime, whilst offering a reliable and cost effective solution to support your applications needs.

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Product Coupling
Brand ICP
Industry Applications Vestas & NEG Micon Wind Turbine
Max. RPM 1600
Torque Rating 1500 Nm