ICP Combiflex Brake Pad R15/202-BK

Brand: ICP
Code: CA0229

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of OEM and after-market approved friction brake pads. Available in a variety of different dimensions and friction combinations suitable for various brakes and clutches on the market.

R15/202-BK is a replacement friction material for Re Spa combliflex pneumatic brakes. It is a non-asbestos, injection moulded brake pad with a low friction coefficient.

  • Material: injection moulded
  • OEM Replacement: Re R15
  • Application Speed: 500 rpm
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ICP Replacement Friction Pad for RE Spa Combilfex Pneumatic Brake

R15-BK is a dark grey moulded friction material composed of mineral fibres, rubber, synthetic resins, and friction fibres, along with the necessary vulcanised agents. An asbestos-and cadmium-free material that is in compliance with RoHS legislation.

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Product Brake Pad
Brand ICP
Compares With Re spa
Friction Material Moulded
Friction Coefficient 0.45
Max. Continuous Temp 150°C
Max. Intermitent Temp 220°C
Hardness 87 (Sh C)
Density 1.9 gr/cm3
Pressure 0.98/mm2
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