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Nexen Rail Brake RB Series

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Nexen Rail Brake RB Series

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Code: Rail Brake RB Series
Brand: Nexen

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. offers a complete range of Nexen Rail Brakes. Available in various models and sizes to ensure the best braking solution for linear profile guide rails.

Nexen RB Series uses spring force to secure loads up to 3400 N. Nexen Rail Brakes provide excellent response times and high force for stopping and holding in e-stop and power-off situations.

RB Series Features:

  • Standard sizes available: RB20, RB25, RB30, RB35, RB45, RB55 & RB65
  • Highest spring engaged / air released holding force on the market
  • No lubrication & minimal maintenance required
  • Large friction surface area for consistent performance and low rail wear

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Nexen Rail Brake RB Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. offers a complete set of Nexen RB Series Rail Brakes. Our large stock of Nexen Rail Brakes ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times for our customers. The RB Series Rail Brake epitomizes Nexen's advanced technology in linear and rotary motion control. 

Nexen's Rail Brakes provide reliable and dependable braking operations for linear profile guide rails, the revolutionary design provides an industry leading braking solution. Each RB brake clamps directly onto the centre of the guide rail to provide positive braking and holding in all axes, with no effect on bearing surfaces. The profile rail brakes hold position accurately by reducing drive train backlash and elasticity.

Nexen Rail Brakes are engineered for long performance cycles and minimal maintenance operations. The large friction facing contact areas offer consistent performance and little rail wear. It features low backlash for accurate position holding and offers superior response time and high force capabilities suitable for stopping and holding in e-stop and power-off situations. 

RB Series Characteristics:

  • Max. Holding Force: 3400 N
  • Min. Release Pressure: 5.5 bar
  • Backlash at Full Brake Force: Up To 0.20 mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Brand Nexen
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Industry Applications Automation...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Braking Force 500 - 3400 N
Brake Type Spring applied
Minimum Release Pressure 5.5 bar
Overall Dimension Rail Width: 15 - 65 mm
OEM Numbers
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