Wrapspring Clutch CB6 - 316.17.001

Brand: Warner
Code: ICP-486
Warner Wrapspring Clutches, Standard CB Series Clutch/Brake Packages.

Torgue range to 5000 lb.ft.

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CB Series combination clutches and brakes accurately start and stop loads driven by a continuously rotating power source. CB units operate from a single AC or DC pulse, stopping the load with ±1⁄2° noncumulative at speeds up to 1800RPM depending on size. Each unit is pre-engineered and pre-assembled for easy installation. 

Repeatable positioning - High torque in a small package - Fast acting - Low cost.

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Product Type Combination Clutch/Brake
Brand Warner
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Industry Applications Riveters, Punch presses, Packaging equipment, Conveyor drives, Heavy duty machinery, Rapid cycling equipment...
Clutch Type Clutch/Brake
Weight Range 7lbs