Westcar Rotofluid Coupling CA

Brand: Westcar
Code: Rotofluid CA

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Westcar fluid couplings, along with an array of accessories suitable for high inertia loads in machine drives.

Westcar rotofluid CA hydraulic fluid couplings are equipped with annular delay fill chambers to enable a soft start through a reduced initial torque. 

  • Rated Power: 37 to 1300 kW
  • Max. Speed: 1500 rpm
  • OEM Replacement: Voith, Fluidrive, Transfluid
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Westcar Rotofluid CA Hydraulic Fluid Coupling

An easy start-up with a gradual acceleration of the driven component. Fluid couplings operate in difficult conditions and overcome severe shock loads to provide your plant with optimum reliability and durability. It is an ideal alternative for mechanical clutches, used for applications such as conveyors and industrial machine drives.

Rotofluid couplings provide the highest levels of performance and are built for long-lasting operations. It is the easiest and cheapest way of creating a perfectly flexible drive train, whilst avoiding shock loads and wear on the driven machine. Zero mechanical parts are needed between the motor and equipment or machine being driven to enable easy and accessible operations.  

Westcar rotofluid CA allows a smooth and adjustable start through a reduced initial torque. Built with a large and circular delay fill chamber for start systems with high inertia loads. Driving torque is drastically reduced in the starting phase for a smooth and adjustable machine drive. The CA design maintains the many benefits of Rotofluid standard fluid coupling, with the addition of transmission settings before machine start-ups. The specialist design is ideal for belt conveyors whereby soft start-ups are essential.

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Product Coupling
Brand Westcar
Industry Applications Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Drilling, Irrigation, Quarry & Mining, Engine Driven Equipment.
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Compares With Transfluid
Max. RPM 1500