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WPT Water Cooled Brakes

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WPT Water Cooled Brakes

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Brand: WPT

ICP is the leading distributor for WPT Power Corp. Our large stock of WPT Water Cooled Brakes ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times for our customers.

WPT Water Cooled Brake (WCB) is a high energy absorbing solution used as a dynamic tensioning and static holding brake. Ideal for applications where heavy-duty continuous slip tensioning is required.


  • O-rings design allows for fast, easy field service
  • Durable neoprene air tube ideal for harsh environments
  • Removable shims for easy wear adjustments

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WPT Water Cooled Brakes 

WPT WCB's are designed for applications in which thermal loads must be dissipated and where heavy-duty continuous slip tensioning is needed. Typical applications include - draw works, mooring winches, dynamo-meters, paper mills, coilers, and yarders.

WPT Water Cooled Brakes have been manufactured for dynamic tensioning and static holding applications. The design of the internal water flow and copper alloy wear plates enables greater heat dissipation characteristics. Ideal for applications where heavy-duty continuous slip tensioning is required.

Incorporated into all WPT Water Cooled Brakes is the WPT Advantage. The WPT Advantage offers high energy absorbing solutions, fast and easy field service, and high durability when working in testing conditions.

Air-tube Advantage

Standard with all Water Cooled Brake units, the reinforced neoprene Air-Tube reacts accurately to small pressure changes and offers no resistance to movement - therefore increasing sensitivity.

WPT Air-Tubes are constantly working against harsh environments to overcome conditions that can severely affect performance and reliability. WPT Air-Tubes are inherently corrosion resistant and require no additional coatings or protective treatments. Ideal for marine and other harsh environmental applications. The air-tube design ensures product performance without the need for expensive and complicated control packages. 

ICP hold stock of every WPT Air-Tube on the market. Available directly from stock, we are able to offer prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

O-Ring Advantage

Every WCB water jacket is sealed with WPT high-temp silicone O-Rings. The superior design allows for the expansion and contraction of the copper while the heat is being dissipated.

O-Rings make for easy and efficient field service by allowing immediate seal testing and return to service. This eliminates wait-time for the seal to cure which means our customers experience greater efficiency and less downtime.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Brand WPT
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Industry Applications Marine Winches, Drilling Equipment , Dynamometers, Forestry / Logging Equipment, Anchor Handling, Towing Winches, Mooring Winch Systems, Petroleum Drilling Equipment...
Actuation Method Hydraulic, Pneumatic
Brake Type Water Cooled
Compares With Eaton Airflex, Wichita
Inertia from 0.79 - 64.2 J
Max. Slip Speed from 425 - 850 RPM
Torque Rating from 5,150 - 257,500 Nm
Water Flow from 45.4 - 984.2 L/min
Weight Range from 150 - 2948 kg
OEM Numbers
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Application Examples
WPT Water Cooled Brake Used On Dynomometer

WPT Water Cooled Brake Used On Dynomometer

Zicom Winch Complete With WPT Water Cooled Brake

Zicom Winch Complete With WPT Water Cooled Brake

National 55 Complete With WPT Water Cooled Brake

National 55 Complete With WPT Water Cooled Brake

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